Sometimes, things are wrong. At one point they may have been alright, and are now considered wrong, or, they always have been and ever will be just plain wrong. Oft times, these wrong things are also funny.

With that in mind, this endeavour features two main strands: the "Shelf of Shame" (books) and the "Screen of Shame" (film) and smaller strands such as "Sound of Shame" (vinyl) and "Miscellany of Shame" (various) - each showcasing items from my personal collection of bibliographic and cinematic oddities and curios.

Deemed shame-worthy according to varying criteria of wrongness, these humourous, surprising, and occasionally instructive items are therefore posted here for your perusal, amusement and edification. Enjoy.

Porn Title of the Week:

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Porn Title Archive #8

This is The Rear End (June 16)
Now You Do Me (June 9)
Fast & Furriest: Sex (June 2)
Anal Trek: Into Darkness (May 26)
The Wangover, Part Threesome (May 19)
The Great Whacksby (May 12)
Ho-blivion (May 5)
Hairy Movie 5 (April 28)
69 (April 21)
Evil Head (April 14)
Jizz: The Great and Plentiful (Apr 7)
JurAssic Pork: 3Double-D (Mar 31)
Olympussy Has Swollen (Mar 24)
Dead Man Going Down (Mar 17)
69 And Roll Over (Mar 10)
Jack the Giant Layer (Mar 3)
A Good Lay to Try, Hard (Feb 24)
Slide Effects (Feb 17)
Pull-it Then Some Head (Feb 10)
Cold Bodies (Feb 3)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shelf of Shame #25


Die Cut Advertisement Card. Bogue's Soap. Undated. 3.5" x 7.5".  Dog in pink ribbon w. bell to front. Chinese man in pigtails on rear.

They sure don't make ads like this anymore.  Elegant, artful, racist...

In case you can't read it clearly in the picture, the text accompanying the illustration of the Chinese man reads: "Lookee No boilee!! Washee Washee. Wellee Quickee!"

For me, the appeal of this relic of a bygone era is its incongruous coupling of beauty and stereotyping.  As an additional bonus, I learned that Chinese laundry jokes stretch back further than perhaps I had at first thought.  Buddy Hackett is suddenly not the innovator I thought him to be.

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Oh, and Buddy Hackett, just for fun.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Porn Title Archive #7

Katy Perry: Several Parts of Me (July 1)
Abra-Wham Lincoln: Vampire Fucker (June 24)
Sucking a Friend for the End of the World (June 17)
Cock of Ages (June 10)
Pornmeatheus (June 3)
For Greater Glory Hole (May 30)
30 Beat-offs (May 27)
In Black Men III (May 20)
The Dicktaster (May 13)
The Assvengers (May 6)
The Five-Inch Engagement (Apr 29)
The Gettin' Lucky One (Apr 22)
SafeSex (Apr 15)
The Threesome Stooges (Apr 8)
Cockout (Apr 1)

Shelf of Shame #24


Octavus Roy Cohen.  Polished Ebony.  Dodd, Mead & Company: New York: 1919.  First Edition.  Blue cloth with yellow decorations to spine and front, with very scarce dustjacket.  8vo.  309pp. 4 illustrations by H. Weston Taylor.

Polished Ebony (1919) is a collection of short humourous stories all written in "negro" dialect. This was not a new concept by any means; in the late 19th century a number of works (chiefly poetical) emerged from the pens of white southern gentlemen who pined for the good ole days, when everyone knew their place in the social order and life was thus simpler, and happier. (There will be a posting on these items reasonably soon, I promise.)

Well, this first published collection of Mr. Cohen's negro stories represent the early twentieth century evolution of that literary tradition.  They introduce a number of characters (caricatures?) of which the most endearing and enduring (!) was Florian Slappey, sometime detective and full-time "negro".  However, to forego excessive pontification on the part of yours truly, I will let the inside dust-jacket promotional text speak for itself.

"In Polished Ebony, Mr. Cohen has given to the public a new and rich humor; a humor which provokes smiles, then chuckles, then hearty laughter.  His portrayal of the modern Southern society negro does not in any way border on the burlesque.  He writes with a sympathetic, tolerant, understanding hand.  Other writers have entertained the public with stories of the ante-bellum negro and the plantation darkey.  It has fallen to Mr. Cohen to give the Southern city negro of today his place in literature.  He has accomplished his task with distinction and infectious good humor.  His characters are live and vital.  His stories are rich in laugh-compelling situations, cleverly conceived plot, scintillating dialogue and masterfully drawn character.  We feel sure that Florian Slappey, Lawyer Evans Chew, Sally Crouch, Semore Mashby and the other happy-go-lucky characters to whom we are introduced by Mr. Cohen are destined to perpetual life."

Oh, racially motivated humour... what deliciously horrible gifts you leave to posterity.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cover of Shame #2

Huser, Glen.  Touch of the Clown.  Douglas & McIntyre: Toronto: 1999. 12mo.  224 pages.

Poorly Chosen Title + Vaguely Creepy Cover Art = Shelf of Shame Worthy.

Has nobody ever heard of John Wayne Gacy?  

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